What the fuck is What We Should Be Doing anyway?
What We Should Be Doing is a DIY record label. It is run by me (me being Gavin) with the help of a few friends. It started in 2009, and my band Dividers demo tape was released shortly afterwards.

Why do you only release tapes? No-one has tape players anymore!
We don't only release tapes. We just do what we want.

Hey, I ordered shit from you yesterday and it hasn't arrived yet. I want a fucking refund!
Here at WWSBD inc (tm) There is just one person who handles mail order and shit like that (that's me) and sometimes I'm simply too busy to post things literally as soon as they're ordered. Do not stress, you'll get it eventually! Allow up to a month for your shit to arrive before emailing me about it though.

Hey I preordered the @?@?@?@?@? tape a few weeks back, when will it be sent out?
As soon as they turn up here. I've recently found a new more efficient manufacturer of cassettes than before, so you shouldn't be waiting too long. I aim to get releases out within a month of pre orders going up

Do you put on shows?
Sometimes, yes. We normally have an idea in mind of who we want to play certain shows though. That's not to say you shouldn't email me with a link to your bandcamp or whatever though, just something to keep in mind if you do. I also tend to help people out who help me out. If you attend shows we put on, I'm more likely to ask you to play. Oh, and as anal as it'll probably sound, if you're not remotely punk, I'm not putting you on. I'm also not putting you on if you're sexist, homophobic, racist, discriminatory in any way or manner or create an unsafe or uncomfortable environment for the attendees of the show.

Can you put out my bands release?
Maybe. If I like you and you're not total knobs. Again, if you're not remotely punk, I'm not listening.

Will you be repressing the Spraynard - Demo Tape
Unlikely. Unless they ever want me to? You snooze you lose.

But people are selling that tape for $30 on ebay...
Yeah, and that really really sucks. If you buy any of our releases to make a profit you are a total fucking dick. But to be honest with you, I don't really wanna cash in on their success and milk that release to death. Just buy one of their latest records if you like the band. Although the demo is great, their new stuff is SO. MUCH. BETTER.

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