Sunday, June 10, 2012

SHOWS: Joie De Vivre, Football, Etc., Pipeream, Some Sort Of Threat

I'm extremely stoked to be putting on one of the best emo bands ever, Joie De Vivre, at Mozarts in Swansea on 4th July, 2012! Joie De Vivre split up about 6 months ago or something, but reformed to specifically play Europe (the continent, not that "final countdown" band). They play beautiful and heart felt emo, not too distant from the sounds of Mineral, American Football, et all (though that probably is a VERY lazy comparison). A band seriously not to be missed. Listen to their new record "We're All Better Than This" and you'll see what I mean.
Also flying over the pond to play for us are the great Football, Etc. If you saw them back at Mozarts back in January you'll know what to expect! Lazy comparisons are my middle name, so if you dig Rainer Maria, Jejune, Mineral and The Promise Ring you'll be all over this band. Serial. Cereal. 

Some Sort Of Threat, or Rory depending on if you're on real-name-terms with him, is also playing the show. Making it his first Swansea show in, I dunno, 2 years? It might be less than that, but yeah, it's been too long! Some Sort Of Threat plays short, punchy, and to the point Folk Punk songs which everyone can enjoy. Get involved!

Opening the show are Cardiff City's Pipedream, bringing with them a new EP, which will without a doubt be out in time for this show and if it's not I give you all permission to give me a dead arm or something. But yeah, you should all know the score with Pipedream by now. Jawbreaker, Mock Orange, [insert another lazy comparison here], blah blah blah.... Yeah.

It'll cost you £4 to get in to this show if you arrive before 8.30pm, so be sure to arrive early to save a quid or something. That's 4 bucks for 2 US bands, that's a pretty rad deal, right? Anyways, here's the facebook event page if you're into that kinda thing: 

Hopefully see you at the show!

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