Friday, December 6, 2013

SHOWS: Dividers, Pipedream, Twisted, Life Under Bombs - Sin City, Swansea

So we did this last year and it was a lot of fun, so we’re going to do it again! Two days after Christmas so you’ve had more than enough time to recover from the festivities, PLUS it’s a Friday night which definitely justifies celebrating again, right? Plus it's dirt cheap to get in too! So here’s who’re playing...

Shouty Pop Punk from Swansea via Coedely and Liverpool. Haven’t played Swansea in literal months because of real life shit. For fans of dodgy facial expressions and bands that don’t like to face their audience when they’re playing.

Pop punky emo weirdness from Cardiff City. Not even a brain injury can stop them from being at this show so what the fuck is stopping you eh? Finally released New Colours not too long ago, which is bloody well good. They may have copies. They may not. What’s it to you?

Garage Punk originally from Porthcawl, then relocated to Leeds, then relocated back to Porthcawl. Probably one of the best bands in the country at the moment. Members of Facel Vega, State Run etc... For fans of Dischord.

Duo acoustic jams from Swansea / Cardiff. Like ONSIND but drunk and bitter about people liking Morrisey. Mikes voice sound a little bit like that guy that was in The Riot Before too. I think this will be their second show, so be sure to get down early and check them out!

+ one more, maybe. Haven't decided yet.

Sin City, Swansea
Friday 27th December, 2013
£3 on the door
7.30pm Doors

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