Friday, May 30, 2014

PRE-ORDER: Deadlines - Steroid City

Living in a capital city sure does have it's drawbacks, especially in a city as small as Cardiff. I guess the nightlife is just the same as any other city in the UK; filled to the rim with top heavy drunken drugged up Jersey Shore wannabe steroid users looking to vent the frustration of their every day lives in literally anyway they can... whether it be fighting somebody half their size just for kicks, or being totally misogynistic and sexist towards women. This sort of thing sickeningly happens everywhere, only due to Cardiff's size it is most certainly more evident, and that view point is certainly reflected in Deadlines new "Steroid City" EP. It's bitter, it's pissed off, it's urgent. It's the soundtrack to anybody who feels uncomfortable walking through or being in a city on a Friday night. Recorded and mixed by Deadlines' own Scott, and masted by Carl Saff (Iron Chic, RVIVR, Empire! Empire! I was a lonely estate... etc), this EP is equally as great sounding as it is written.

You can now preorder "Steroid City" from us now, limited to just 50 copies on Orange cassette! CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW!!

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