Monday, February 22, 2010

NEWS: Secret Mixtape #1 (Update)

So the first part of Secret Mixtape will be happening this coming Friday at the Sauna Youth show at Sigma, Swansea. Basically come along to us at the beginning of the night (or before Sauna Youth actually play), fill in the form with your name and three of your favourite bands, chuck it in the box and then grab someone else's form out of the box (after Sauna Youth have played) to make a Mixtape/CD for. Bring along the Mix to the Nozzle show at Sigma on 4th March, and then pick up the Mix that's been made for you! "Simples". Hopefully people will take part in this!

Sauna Youth feature members of The Steal and play Garage Pop that to me sounds pretty simular to Cloak/Dagger. You can download their EP for free from HERE!

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