Friday, August 27, 2010

SHOWS: Brothers, The 255s and Blackbeard (UPDATED)

This is going to be great. Kudos to Trev for sorting it out.

Brothers are a gritty melodic punk band from Exeter. They've played Swansea a good few times, and everytime I've seen them they seem to get better. What more they feature members of bands like The Cut Ups, The Dead City Stereo, Smoke 'Em Out, Sauna Youth and a shit load more rad bands. Exeter's got it going on. If you like None More Black, Fifth Hour Hero and stuff like that you'll be all over this. You can download their EP free here!

The 255s are and indie rock band from Manchester, and are great. Bands like Weakerthans, Piebald and The Replacements come to mind when listening to them, which to me is a good thing! They last played Swansea with Failures Union the other month, and were mind blowing then, so judging on that performance they should be brilliant here too! Like Brothers, you can download the 255's album "Broadcasting" for free (or for a price of your choosing) from here!

Blackbeard are from pretty much all over, so I'll just say they're from way over in the Newport direction. Regardless, Blackbeard are great. Like the majority of great bands in South Wales, Blackbeard don't tend to play often, but whenever they do, aswell as having a completely new line-up, they also pretty much steal the show. I'm going to be a bit lazy in saying this, but expect sounds not to distant than those of Hot Water Music, with a tortured gravelly voice that puts Chuck to shame, maybe. Great band, great guys.

This show will be going "down" in the Mozarts on Saturday 11th September. Be there! Here's the poster by Carly Davies, she's the BEST!

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