Saturday, January 22, 2011

NEWS: Radio plays, Release Shows, and Rad Tours... etc etc

Lots of shit to type, yet I have no idea where to begin! HOLY SHIT. Ok, so alphabetically...

Dividers were played on the Adam Walton show last Sunday night, on BBC Radio Wales! He played our song "May He Who Is Without Shit Star Wars Tattoos Cast The First Stone", which is going to be on the split with Ten Speed Bicycle, and you can listen to it on BBC iplayer by clicking here. It's probably going to be taken down on this Sunday I imagine after his show, so get on to it quick it you want a listen!

West-Chester Heart-Throbs Spraynard are to release their next record on the infamous ASIAN MAN RECORDS. I'm so frickin' stoked for the guys, as Asian Man is without a doubt one of the labels that helped me to branch out my music tastes to what it is today, and I'm sure it did the same for Spraynard. Plus Mike is the nicest dude in the world and... well I'm just so happy this is happening for them! Be sure to pick up "Funtitled" when it's released in a few months, I'm confident it's going to be great!

Ten Speed are hitting tha' road for a few a mini tour with LOOSE CANNONS (who're great, check them out!), one of the dates of which is with Allister and Rufio! The 14 year old in me is STOKED. Here are the dates here...

31/03/11 - Kingston, Fighting cocks W/Dividers *(ten speed bicycle/Dividers split record selease show!)*
01/04/11 - Bristol, venue tbc W/Tireless
02/04/11 - Manchester, Venue tbc W/Dividers
03/04/11 - Tunbridge Wells, The Forum W/Allister & Rufio
04/04/11 - Brighton, The Hobgoblin W/Caves, From Plan To Progress & Corrigan

I think that's everything! Until next time, watch more Lost, listen to more of The Queers, and read more books!

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