Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DOWNLOADS: Dividers / Ten Speed Bicycle Split

So we got bored of sitting on the tracks for this split, and put them up for FREE DOWNLOAD! YEAH! Instead of sounding like a parrot and typing the SAME descriptions as I have for Dividers and Ten Speed Bicycle in the past on this site, I asked some friends to do it for me. Only Sean from Well Wisher actually responded (my friends SUCK). He said...

"dividers = pop-punk done the ifyoumakeit way with flashes of late-90s midwestmo and that chicago/lawrence arms sound. ten speed = frantic and youthful edgemo that blends braid, cap'n jazz, lifetime and latterman and manages to make it sound totally fresh and exciting"

Job done. Cheers Sean! The tape will be out very soon, but for now, feel free to spread this mediafire link about til it gets lost in the mist of the internets...


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