Wednesday, August 17, 2011

INTERVIEWS: Jason Lubrano (Iron Chic / Wax Phantom)

Jason Lubrano has been making music for the best part of a decade in such bands as Small Arms Dealer, Wax Phantom and the more widely known Iron Chic. We talked to him about their recent tour of Europe, future plans and things that inspire Iron Chic's sound (Spoiler: Weed) and this is what he had to say...

Ok so firstly, how did Iron Chic come together as a band?
Since the real story is boring I'm gonna tell a fake story about how we formed. It all started when Phil was working at a Russian circus riding a unicycle across a tightrope. One day he snapped and bit one of his trainers, that's when they took him outside to put him down. Just at that moment I swung in on a grappling hook, in a similar manner to batman/spiderman (except I just had regular clothes on) and began to brutally murder the trainers and then everyone else at the circus including all of the children and the other animals. Phil and I escaped to an secret space station in low earth orbit where i nursed him back to health. Then Gordon came and began to kick-flip his way into our hearts. We grew Dumps in a lab from cells obtained from a muppet scrotum. Shortly after that Rob showed up on an invisible motorcycle and transformed into WILD DAD in front of our very eyes, so obviously he was accepted immediately. I think there were a couple of other guys too.

You've all been in and still are in bands as well as Iron Chic. How would you say Iron Chic differs from your other efforts?
I can't speak for everyone but I don't Really think there's a specific difference beyond the changing dynamics of working with different people. Everyone has different ideas and ways of working and different priorities that will effect the overall shape and nature of the band.

What general theme would you say Iron Chic's songs have?
I don't know that I would really say there is a theme to our songs but I also dropped out of college.

What things inspire Iron Chic's sound?

"Not Like This" has been out for quite a while now. Can we expect another full length in the near future?
We just recently started working on the next full length and we're looking to finish it up by the fall.

And what about Wax Phantom? Do you plan to release a full length anytime soon?
Probably at some point. Right now we're working on a couple of songs for a split and maybe an e.p. after that.

You've recently returned from Europe, where at the shows I attended you seemed to be pretty well received! How did it compare to playing shows in the US?
Most of the shows we played in Europe we're as good if not better than our shows in the US and as far as tours go it was one of the best. It really is hard to describe the feeling of being halfway around the world and seeing everyone singing along or at least phonetically mimicking along.

What was your favourite, or most memorable moment in Europe?
It's don't think I can pick just one but some of mine would be: Cafe Jamaica, Roofdog, Lloyd Chamber's homemade bangers and mash, shitting standing up in some weirdo European toilet and Jan waking up early to jog every fucking day.

Do you plan on returning anytime soon? With Wax Phantom, perhaps?
Iron Chic will definitely be coming back as soon as we can. Wax Phantom doesn't tour. That band was mainly started as an excuse to get Beaker away from a computer desk for a few hours a month.

Mostly everything Iron Chic has released has been self released (or rather released on Dumps Label, Dead Broke). Do you think you'll continue to do things this way?
It's really hard to say right now. Everything has worked out great for us doing things the way we have, but we're not against the idea of working with a different label in the future.

Iron Chic are a very DIY band. In terms of booking shows, creating your own artwork etc. What would you say are the advantages and disadvantages of being a DIY band?
Well the biggest advantage is control, we can do whatever we want provided we have the means or resources to accomplish it. The only drawback, really, is having to be responsible for coming up with those resources, be it money or time or whatever.      

What is your stance on Downloading Music? Will everything Iron Chic ever release be up for free download?
I think having an opinion on downloading music is like having an opinion on gravity. It's kind of inevitable and it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks about it. As a band we like having a free or pay-what-you-want download available, and I think that we will continue to do that as long as the decision is solely ours to make.  

So what's next for Iron Chic? Is there anything in the pipeline that we should be excited about?
We've got a bunch of shows and fests coming up but after the stuff we've got booked now I think we're gonna just try and chill out on shows for a bit and work on the next record.

And lastly there seems to be a thriving scene in Long Island, and New York in general. Are there any bands from the area that we should be checking out?
I really hate just listing bands because I feel bad if I leave anyone out but Halfway to Hell Club, Fellow Project, Warm Needles, Pretty Bullshit, Sister Kisser, Deep pockets and Make it Plain are all definitely worth a minute  of your time.

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