Monday, October 31, 2011

NEWS: More New Releases...

To add to the load of releases we have coming up already, we're also going to be releasing these tapes...

Forrest. - Before You Go
Yup, Forrest are back! They've have been hard at work since the departure of their vocalist, writing new songs and dissecting them to make them the best that they possibly can be, and it shows! Expect everything that you got from the demo, and a shedload of Mineral worship!

Muncie Girls - Muncie Girls
Muncie Girls are a new, and amazing Pop Punk band from Exeter. They kinda remind me of a British version of The Measure (SA), which seeing as they've now split up is exactly what I need! Oh, and Lande makes a fucking MEAN curry too! They're fun as hell, and I'm extremely excited to be putting this out!

Also coming up, Some Sort Of Threat / Olive Anne Split, new ten speed bicycle EP, and Pipedream's Shell EP. Phew!

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