Monday, November 23, 2009

DISTRO: This Hidden Switch - Trial and Error EP

So this isn't really a "Dead Format" as such, but when I was sorting out my stuff to move house I found a few hand numbered copies which were left over from This Hidden Switches release show quite a long time ago.

This Hidden Switch are a Melodic Country Punk band from Cardiff, South Wales who on this EP featured members of The Cut Ups, The Slowdance and The Doublecross. They kind of sound like a cross between Bruce Springsteen and Hot Water Music. Very good indeed. You can hear this EP via their myspace page.

If you want one, I'm willing to sell them for £5, including postage to anywhere in the UK. I haven't sorted out an online store as yet (and probably wont untill the Dividers and Spraynard Tapes come out), so if you want one either comment on this post, or email

They're playing Sigma in Swansea this Wednesday with OK Pilot. Get on down!

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