Wednesday, November 25, 2009

NEWS: New Solutions Recordings.

So our good friends in Solutions have just added 4 tracks from their upcoming record "Before The Roars" onto their myspace page, and I'm pretty stoked. I saw Solutions at their first gig (when Nicky fell off stage) and it's pretty awesome to see how they've come along since then.

Solutions, for those who don't know feature members of one of my favourite South Wales bands, the now defunct Gunrack? Solutions sound isn't too far from where Gunrack? left off, only with more matured lyrics and less Against Me rip offs. I guess if you like bands like The Lawrence Arms and Gunmoll, you'll love Solutions.

"Before The Roars" should be available online in it's entirety from Thursday, keep an eye out for it! Furthermore keep on the look out for Solutions as they'll be touring the UK at some point next year.

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