Saturday, November 21, 2009

NEWS: Spraynard Tape!

We are super pleased to announce that we'll be re-issuing a "UK Version" of the Spraynard Demo Tape.

For those unfamiliar, Spraynard are a Melodic Punk band from West Chester, Philadelphia. They remind me a lot of Iron Chic, which can only be a good thing, Amirite? They also have an album coming out on our friend Seans label Runner Up Records (Shook Ones, Dave House etc etc) early next year, aswell as their split with Brighton's Break The Habit coming out around then too!

The Demo tape should be available through us, in VERY limited numbers in January/Febuary. Only 50 are going to be in existence, on coloured Cassette (to be decided), with hand numbered Screenprinted Inlays, a Lyrics sheet, and we may even chuck in some stickers and stuff too! We're totally stoked to be involved in this. Out of the 50 we're doing, so many are going out to the Spraynard dudes, so many are going out to distros and the left overs we'll have. We'll put up a pre-order button and more details about the tape soon. But we're totally stoked to be part of this!