Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SHOWS: SWFU X-mas Show!

There's been a lot of difficulties with this show, what with Sigma being closed due to roof repair, but finally our friends at SWFU (South Wales Friends Union/South Wales Fuck U) have finalised a location for their x-mas show! The show is going to be going down at Sin City, Swansea on the 21st December and it should on all accounts be a way of a time.

Playing are local heroes The Arteries, aswell as The Computers, Bangers and Portraits. The show is apparently going to be on the floor of Sin City, rather than on that big fuck off stage, so awesomeness in inevitable. Get on down!

A day later we're having a house show at our house. Some Sort Of Threat, Cynics, Olive Anne
and Truly Kaput are playing, the order of the line up will be decided on the night. If you need the address, email me: gavinpryce87@hotmail.com, bring beers. Donations are super welcome too!

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