Tuesday, March 30, 2010

VIDEOS: Adam Peachfuzz and Iolo - Lost Weekend (Acoustic)

Adam plays in a really really cool band called Peachfuzz, who I've said before to be one of South Wales's most under-rated exports, and Iolo is the best dude in the world too. Needless to say I was pretty stoked to hear that my band would be playing with them both acoustic, and PJ Bond at Mozarts in Swansea. This song is called "Lost Weekend" from the album "So Here We Are Tonight", which was released a few years ago on the now defunct Rat Patrol Records. I filmed it using a "retro" Sony Digital 8 video camera, and uploaded it on my parents "retro" PC which meant I had to compress it quite a lot in order for the computer not to crash when editing it... lame I know. Maybe one day when I get an awesome job and get my laptop fixed back at home I'll be able to upload a high res version. regardless, the sound came out pretty well! Sorry about the lighting though, it was a lot darker in Mozarts than I realised. Stay tuned for Videos of PJ Bond, and if you want to you can check out a video of my band playing over on our blog.

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