Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tapes Update!

So the Spraynard tape should have probably been out a long time ago, but a few things have happened to fuck up the proceedings... regardless things are finally getting done! As we speak the inlays are being screen printed somewhere in Midlands, sweet! If all goes to plan the tape should actually be out this month... excited!

As for Dividers demo, well. I think it must appear that we are the slackest band in the world. But fear not, we're recording at some point this month with the mighty Corbin Parsons and if all goes to plan we should have the tape in time for the Bridge and Tunnel and Young Livers show on April 21st! Free downloads will come along somewhere in between!

Other than that, we might or might not have more cool related news regarding tapes and cool bands soon, but it's all still in development, and I probably shouldn't be mentioning it already, but yeah. More news on that when I know it, I guess.

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