Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DOWNLOADS: Twisted - Daydream EP

So as a new feature on here, I thought I'd start posting free legit downloads on here from bands I like (and hope that you do too) or that I'm involved with in some way or another, that I have found on the interweb, or uploaded myself (with permission of the artisté). You may very well have already heard the stuff I post on here, good for you! If you have a recommendation, please feel free to email me (gavinpryce87[at]hotmail[dot]com)! But anyways... Twisted are the first to get the recommendation treatment.

Twisted are an emo/garage punk band based in Leeds, UK. They feature, or have featured until recently members of bands like Held By Hands, Shittalker, Facel Vega, State Run, Cutting Class and It's Broken. Below is a link to their "Daydream" EP/demo, which I believe was originally recorded in South Wales with Jon's other band Facel Vega as a little project which later turned in to a real deal when he moved to Leeds for Uni and recruited some new band members. You can buy this record in vinyl format from State Run Records, and can buy the bands latest Stockolm 7" from Art For Blind. If you like this download, I strongly recommend you go buy both records!

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