Thursday, August 12, 2010

SHOWS: The Menzingers, Above Them, Groundnuts, and Leagues Apart

"Hold On Dodge" is probably one of my favourite EP's of the past 2 years. Normally when I listen to records as much as I have listened to "Hold On Dodge", I burn them out and quickly become bored, but alas, this has not happened. The Menzingers are great, and it's needless to say when Trev announced they'd be playing in Swansea I was pretty damn excited.

The Menzingers are from Philidephia and play infectious and well crafted pop punk. There's a lot of bands doing the same thing at the moment (Note: Captain, We're Sinking, who're also great), but none manage to capture the massive vocal melodies, brilliant duel guitars, and perfect bass lines to the extent that The Menzingers do. The Menzingers are most certainly at the top of their game, and shit will undoubtably go off when they rock up Sigma.

Above Them are no strangers to Swansea, and no words I post in this shitty blog will ever justify how amazing they really are. Above Them hail from up north and play Poppy Indie Punk. I think the best way I can think of describing them is like a cross between The Loved Ones and Biffy Clyro, only BETTER!

The Groundnuts and Independents... everytime I see a description about them it seems to note how old they are, so I'm not going to do that, although I'm pretty sure I just did... but anyways, Groundnuts play Punk Rock 'n roll and have been doing it since the early 90's. They're good ol' fun, and don't seem to play a lot these days, which makes this night even more special. Everyone in Swansea knows who they are, so I won't drag on...

Leagues Apart are a band that I never quite "got" until I saw them live, I guess their recordings don't really do them much justice. They play fast and catchy Melodic Pop Punk and put so much time, energy and effort into playing that it's unreal! They've been a band for less than a year, and have already toured Europe and the UK countless times, and show no signs of stopping. They are good dudes to boot too, so I guess you can't really fault them.

These four bands will be hitting up Sigma in Swansea on 13th November, 2010. 8pm doors so get down early. Here's the amazing poster by Craig Horky...

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