Monday, August 9, 2010


Matt Canino's last band Shorebirds didn't really do much for me. In fairness though, it must be hard to live up the expectations when you've been in a band as great as Latterman. Luckily RVIVR aren't a let down. Okay, so lyrically they arent as thought out as Latterman, but regardless they are FUN FUN FUN! Something which every post Latterman band has been lacking (bar Iron Chic, maybe). Words are passed back and forth between Canino and female co-vocalist Erica, and they compliment eachother brilliantly. RVIVR could possibly be your favourite band.

They're touring the UK in October! Keep on the look out, as there might be a Swansea date, but ssshh! Yo-Yo Records will be putting out a brand new 5 track record in time for it, awesome! But until then download their S/T record below! If you like it, be sure to either donate or pick up a physical copy of the record from Rumbletowne Records.


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