Monday, November 8, 2010

DOWNLOADS: Break The Habit - Discography

So in a few weeks time our good friends in Break The Habit will be playing their last show in their home town of Brighton, so I guess that now would probably be a good time to "blog" everything they've recorded, right? A few months ago we were in talks about putting out a split tape between them and Solutions, so I personally am pretty devastated to hear of their disbanding. I have no idea what happened to the split, but I believe the songs they recorded for it were put on their US tour EP, and ofcourse on this discography, so thankfully they aren't lost in time! Regardless, it would have been really cool to put something out by them!
Break the Habit are (or were depending on when you're reading this) 4 awesome dudes who decided to "rip off" all their (and my) favourite bands, and start playing catchy and melodic tunes in the vein of bands like Latterman (where did you think they got their name from? Duh!) and Get Bent, but towards the end of their short life chucked in a bit of emo influence for good measure too. Their lyrical content in mainly based on the many cliches in the punk scene, and all it's good and bad points, but regardless of some negative content their songs are still uplifting and "posi", which in this day and age we need. It's pretty sad to think what Break The Habit could have been in a few years, but word on the street is that there's a new band in the pipeline, so it's not all over yet!
Whether you love or hate Break The Habit, you can't fault them. They've done what they've wanted to do and played what they wanted to play, self released their own records, toured the US and UK with Spraynard, and played with some of their favourite bands. Break The Habit are definitely one of the contenders for most DIY punk band in the UK today, and in a few weeks time, there will be another angel in punk rock heaven... (Yeap, I cringed when reading that sentence back too!)

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