Thursday, June 30, 2011

News: Pipedream - Demo 2011 Release Info, Preorders etc...

Pipedream's Demo 2011 is almost upon us! It will be available at The Living Daylights / Great Cynics show at Mozarts, Swansea on July 20th, but for those far far away that can't make the show, or for those who simply want it sooner, preorders will be available from 11th July which will be posted out on the 15th. The tape itself will be limited to 30 Orange Cassettes, packaged in a hand numbered recycled envelope (as can be seen to the left of this post).

For those who didn't see my last post about them, Pipedream are a great new pop punk band from Cardiff, South Wales. Influenced by 90's emo with a bit of Jawbreaker and Mock Orange chucked in for good measure, shit is good! You can download this demo for FREE from here!

Check out a video of them playing at Grassroots Coffee Bar, Cardiff here:

The girls look of "What the fuck is going on here?" 50 seconds in to the video is priceless...

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