Monday, June 20, 2011

SHOWS: One Month Away!!!

The Living Dayligths /  Great Cynics / Dividers / Pipedream and Forrest show that we're putting on is just ONE MONTH AWAY! As mentioned in my previous post about this show both The Living Daylights and Great Cynics will be bringing with them new albums! The Living Daylights have just released What Keeps You Breathing on Lockjaw Records, and Great Cynics have just released Don't Need Much on Household Name! Both releases are currently streaming in places on the internet, and are both very much worth your time! You can stream them from the following links:

The Living Daylights - What Keeps You Breathing

Great Cynics - Don't Need Much

You can also hear and download 2 tracks from each album on WWSBD MXTP#1 which I posted last month for free download. If you like the sound of them, do not hesitate to buy the records, or merch from the show to support the bands on the road. Touring is expensive, you know?

Hopefully we'll see you at the show on the 20th July! It's going to be a great night!

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