Monday, July 18, 2011

NEWS: So Long And Thank You For All The Pre-orders

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the Pipedream and Forrest demo tapes over the past week. This is the first "preorder" we've ever done for tapes, and I'm totally overwhelmed by the amount of orders we had! Hopefully, by the time of this posting they should be with you, and I very much hope you're enjoying them! But yeah, cheers!

As if you didn't know this already, but both Pipedream and Forrest are playing at Mozarts, Swansea this coming Wednesday where both tapes will officially be available. The Living Daylights, Great Cynics and Dividers are also playing, so it should on all accounts be an awesome night! You can click here for more details on that show.

Both tapes are still available from our store for just 2 pounds, if you haven't got one already / can't make it to the show!

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