Friday, July 15, 2011

REVIEWS: Pudge - Chippy Tea

Review by Tristan Fernie

I first encountered Pudge supporting Unfun, and before they'd even played a note I was sold. Rocking a guitar decked in Legend of Zelda and Strongbow stickers, guitarist Ste gave a rallying cry to "BRING THE MOTHERFUCKING RUCKUS!", before launching into the good-people-good-times anthem "Fucking Yes Mate". If down-to-earth, relatable lyrics like "there's half a spliff left in the ashtray/and two tinnies left in the fridge/half a pizza in this box/I'm not going home" don't leave you beaming then you're probably dead inside. While every other band seems to be clamouring to make some kind of grand 'artistic statement', it's refreshing that Pudge cut the bullshit and write about what they know - in this case, getting pissed, chatting up girls, scrabbling to pay rent and having chippy tea. The lack of pretention imbues Pudge with a kind of honesty that's absent in more 'serious' bands - just check out their homage to the criminally under-rated (and much-missed) Cop Out in, uh, "Cop Out". All of this is hinged around the kind of fast, Satanic Surfers skatepunk that makes you nostalgic for a time (2001?) when every UK band wanted to sound like Propagandhi, and all was well. Pudge give a well needed reminder to have fun in a scene that's steeped in it's own rules and pretentions - fucking yes, mate!

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