Friday, July 8, 2011

REVIEWS: Baroness - The Blue Album

Review by Tristan Fernie

The word 'epic' is banded about to describe everything these days, from middling nu-core bands, to Green Day's latest conceptual abortion, although I feel it perfectly sums up Baroness. Simply put, if all metal was this good, I'd have given up on punk years ago. Baroness are bearded, stoned warriors who rock with equal parts Sabbath, Mastodon, The Melvins and Torche...with 'gruff' vocals (I apologise for using the term) and a groove that will have fans of Planes Mistaken For Stars and Young Livers salivating in awe. Every track could be the highlight of another album - "Jake Leg" opens with an Eastern-flavoured riff (the type The Offspring used to use before they became shit) before exploding into a downright-fucking-filthy guitar chug, "A Horse Called Golgotha" is as beastly as the name implies, deceptively clean opening chords giving way to the coolest dance-infused drum beat I've heard all year - there are times when the minimalistic snarl is reminiscent of Deftones, albeit Deftones with access to much better drugs. I honestly do not give a shit about going into full-on fanboy mode because there isn't a single note, lyric, or chord I would change on this album. Getitgetitgetit!

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