Thursday, July 7, 2011

NEWS: Forrest Preorder Details

So to make things interesting we've decided to release the Forrest Demo at exactly the same time as Pipedream one. The "official" release date will be on the 20th July, at the Living Daylights / Great Cynics show at Mozarts in Swansea. However, much like the Pipedream tape, for those who cannot make the show, or simply want one sooner, preorders will be available from the 11th, which will be posted out on the 15th.

For those who missed my post earlier this week about them, Forrest are a brand new pop punk band from Neath, South Wales playing catchy heartfelt tunes, full of passion and honesty. For fans of Such Gold, Small Brown Bike, and backpacks (winx).

The tape will be limited to 50 copies, 25 of each colour in Blue and Green. You can download the demo for free from here!

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