Friday, August 5, 2011

REVIEWS: Defeater - Empty Days And Sleepless Nights

Review by Tristan Fernie

This is how it should be done. Ever since Modern Life is War split, Defeater have carried the torch for literate, progressive hardcore. Everything about 'Empty Days...', from the narrative arc that runs throughout the album, to the acoustic songs at the end (supposed to reflect "sleepless nights", natch), screams "BOW DOWN MORTALS FOR I AM HARDCORE OF GREAT QUALITY"'s a testament to Defeater's integrity and talent that it not only works, but also forms the best Bridge 9 record since '...Is Dead'. While most of the hardcore scene is stuck in a knuckle-dragging stupor, hopelessly trying to emulate a scene that was shit 10 years ago, it's inspiring that Defeater play music for their own sake, proving that the genre should aspire to be more than just an exercise in goading idiots in vests into hurting one another.

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