Monday, August 29, 2011

TAPES: Dividers - Demo Tapes (3rd and FINAL press)

So a few people have asked, so we delivered. The third and final pressing of the Dividers Demo Tape. This time around it'll be on yellow cassette, with three alternative covers.

Dividers are a punk band from Swansea, UK. This tape features 3 of the first recordings we ever did with Corbin Parsons at the BBC studios in Swansea. All he asked for was a Sausage Roll. Trevor Cavell once said that we sound like "Get Bent, Potboiler and Lawrence Arms all making a big mess over someone from Lattermans chest", so I guess we'll go with that.

1. The Fuck You Don't Do Wet Wipes
2.Reckless Is My Middle Name
3. If Monday Morning Was A Person

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