Monday, September 12, 2011

DOWNLOADS: Little Kingdoms - Home

This is our 100th post on WWSBD! And in celebration I give you this super awesome download. A little while ago, I posted about a great EP by a little band from Philadelphia called Little Kingdoms. Well, about 3 years after they recorded that EP, they're back with a 3 tracker called "Home". Last time I posted about this band, I mentioned that they bridge the gap between Owen and American Football (with a bit of Owls chucked in for good Kinsella-measure), and although "Homes" is most certainly infuenced by said bands, this release shows that Little Kingdoms are far from the Kinsella rip-off I almost described them as back then. The sound of this recording is chilled and pleasant, but certainly contains less of the "cute" factor that The Willow EP had. Little Kingdoms have matured exceptionally since the last EP, a recording that I'm fairly certain the members were fairly young in, and have finally developed a sound that they can call their own. What is even more exciting about this record is that we're going to be releasing it on tape format! More details on that soon, but for now, download and enjoy!


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