Thursday, January 26, 2012

SHOWS: Upcoming WWSBD shows!!!

So we have 3 amazing shows coming up in May...

8th May, 2012 - Spraynard, Little Ease, Muncie Girls and 1tbc - Mozarts, Swansea
Pat from Spraynard said this about the last time they played Swansea: "I think the show that pops into our heads the most often with this question is our show in Wales, UK. Our UK tour was so surreal in the first place, but at that show, kids just went absolutely crazy. Our friend Sean jumped off the top of a balcony into the crowd at one point. It was just amazing to see so many kids giving a shit about our crappy band. I think that show was definitely a turning point as to how we viewed punk rock in general".

Spraynard are possibly my favourite pop punk band since Osker. Hailing from West Chester, PA, these 3 dudes play positive heart felt tunes that your face will refuse not to smile to. FFO: Osker, Latterman, Kid Dynamite.

Support comes from Little Ease, Muncie Girls and 1 more band to be confirmed. More details very soon!

16th May, 2012 - Bridge & Tunnel, Forrest, Hell Money and 1tbc - Mozarts, Swansea
Third visit to Swansea for Bridge & Tunnel, so you should know by now what to expect by now. If not, take it from me... Bridge & Tunnel are without a doubt one of the most energetic, passionate, and generally talented bands you'll ever see. Despite featuring ex-members of Latterman, Thousandaires, Eachothers Mother aswell as a load more, they manage to sound completely unalike to their past efforts, and truly are in a league of their own. Listen to their latest record "Rebuilding Year" on No Idea and you'll know what I'm talking about. This band go from strength to fucking STRENGTH.

Support comes from Forrest and Hell Money

22nd May, 2012 - Direct Hit, The Priceduifkes, Forrest, Not Since The Accident - The Full Moon, Cardiff
Co-promo with STHC! <3 Direct Hit are a Pop Punk band that are filled to the rim with fun and energy! Coming from Milwaukee, this band tip their hats to Andrew WK, The Thermals and The Ramones in equal measure! Download their record "DOMSPLITTER" and (fuck you) get pumped!

Support comes from The Priceduifkes, Forrest, Not Since The Accident

Posters for all three shows, aswell as event pages with more adequate descriptions will be online within due time, but for now mark your diaries, and get excited. It's only 4 months to go until May, y'know?

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