Sunday, June 10, 2012

NEWS: Update...

There have been some slight delays with the Hell Money tapes, but they SHOULD be with us next week with any luck! Fingers crossed! Thanks for your patience. 2 months is way to long to wait for a tape, I know but it seems that countless things have occurred to prevent us from getting this tape out, when it should have been out last month. But yeah, thanks for waiting. It'll be worth it I promise!

In other Hell Money related news, the whole of the EP is now up on their bandcamp which you can access here: I think you'll find that it is pretty good. So stoked to be releasing this!

ALSO, I seem to have posted this everywhere (tumblr, facebook etc) bar here, but THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who came out to the shows we did last month! Putting on 3 shows in one month was a dumb idea, but it turned out to be totally worth it. So yeah, thanks so so much. You can see some videos of the shows here and photos here!

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