Sunday, June 10, 2012

PREORDER: Pipedream - Shell EP

Finally Shell, the long awaited second release from Pipedream of Cardiff City, is up for preorder! Why it took so long? Because it got re-recorded about 20 times because Tom probably forgot to save the mixes or something, I dunno... regardless, it's here! Atlast!
Pipedream combine the sounds of Jawbreaker and Mock Orange to create a sound that separates them from other bands trying to do the whole "pop punk" thing at the moment. They sound equally as fresh as they do a band straight out of the 90's. Pipedream are in a league of their own, and they're GREAT.
Pressing info: 
1 Gold (Pre-order - chosen at random) 
20 See-through orange (Pre-order only) 
20 green (band only copies) 
20 yellow (available on and after Dividers / Pipedream tour via us and some other distros)

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