Monday, November 5, 2012

DOWNLOADS: Pipedream - Shell EP

Well, what a load of shit I am. The Shell EP by Pipedream has been out for quite a few months now, and I haven’t even posted a download link for it. What a doofus!

So yeah, Shell in a word is great. It’s really hard for me to write about this EP without sounding like a proper biased prick. Not only did we put out this tape, but they’re also some of the best people and best friends too. But believe me when I say, Pipedream are without a doubt the best emo band in South Wales at the moment. Not that there is many emo bands in South Wales at the moment… in fact I can’t really count any! Regardless, Pipedream are without a doubt, in a league of their own. Following on from their demo this EP has documented how the band has matured in a year, and how much they have progressed in the right direction. They’ve gotten a little bit more experimental, as the instrumental interlude in the middle of the EP displays, but not in a pretentious way at all.

I am personally extremely proud to have been part of releasing this tape, and I am extremely proud of Pipedream for not only progressing in the best way possible, but also writing one of 2012’s best emo releases. It took them long enough to write, didn’t it?


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