Sunday, February 14, 2010

NEWS: Secret Mix Tape #1

So we were all talking the other night and we thought it would be a pretty rad idea to arrange some sort of "Secret Mix Tape" thing. For those unfamiliar with how this would work, it's basically like the Secret Santa thing that most work places do at christmas time. For those unfamiliar with how the Secret Santa thing works, please read on.

Basically, if you volunteer to be part of this your name will be put into a hat (at a local show to be decided) with all the other volunteers. Then you pick a name out of the hat (when that hat is full, probably at the end of the show), and whoever it is you have to make them a mix tape/cd with them in mind. I guess it's kind of like a mix tape swap box, only more PERSONAL! Which makes it more fun! Obviously you have to keep it secret too, so don't go telling them you're making them a mix tape for them because that'll spoil the fun!

Just a few rules:
  1. The CD must consist of no more or no less than 10 tracks.
  2. Seeing as the shows that we'll be arranging this thing at will be in Swansea, I guess this is only open to people who live here or go to shows here often. If you don't live in Swansea, arrange your own "Secret Mix tape" at your local DIY shows, it's fun!
We'll arrange a date/show for you to get your entry to it soon, and another date/show for you to get the mix tape back to us, so we can give it to the person you made it for. Awesome!

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