Wednesday, July 7, 2010

TAPES: Spraynard - Demo Tape (WWSBD#2)

Spraynard are a Pop Punk band from West Chester, USA. Imagine the melodies of lifetime combined with the rawness and honesty of the likes of Iron Chic and Yo Man Go and you are half way there my friend! Spraynard are just three video game and zombie-loving best friends, doing it for the sake of it and for the fun of it. DIY to the core.This is Spraynards first demo, originally self released about 2 years ago. They have since then gone to release an awesome full length via Runner Up Records (downloadable for free from, aswell as some great splits with Captain We're Sinking, Break The Habit, and Paramedics. This tape is limited to just 50 copies with hand-numbered screenprinted inlays, a lyrics sheet, lovelly pink coloured cassette and a free Spraynard Heart Pin Badge!

1. Are You Ladies Familiar With the Work of Zach and Cody?
2. Timmy Gave Me a "G"
3. Don't Throw Me Down, Clark
4. Punch and Pie
5. Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
6. Mary Swanson


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