Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NEWS: Spraynard Tapes... ONLY A FEW LEFT!

So we currently have about 5 copies of the Spraynard Demo tape left. Thanks to everyone who's bought one already, if you haven't, don't sit on it! Sorry to anyone who has bought tapes within the last few weeks and not got them yet, I've literally been having a pretty hectic time as late, but fear not! I am now unemployed and have nothing better to do than watch Seinfeld ALL DAY and make trips to the post office, so you should get yer copies soon!

For those of you in the USA, Dead Broke Rekerds are going to have a few copies of the Spraynard tape, so if you want one and don't mind the wait I suggest buying it from them. The 2nd press of the Dividers demo should be available from them too, once/if they're pressed.

I guess that's everything. Our first two releases are pretty much out of print, I guess we should get onto releasing some more stuff...

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