Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So we thought it would be cool to put on a show to benefit a charity of which we believe in and respect. The charity we have chosen is Macmillan Cancer Trust. I think everyone in the world knows someone who's been effected by Cancer at some point in their life, and this sucks! So why not have some fun and do a little something to help the cause, and help those suffering from the disease!

Also, All Ages Punk shows need to happen in Swansea, there's no denying it. Swansea needs more punk bands! Unfortunately, we can't do All Ages this time round. However, we can do a 16+ show, which I guess is one step closer to achieving our goal. Hopefully if this show is a success we'll do another one in a few months time, and hopefully we'll be able to make it all ages!

There will hopefully be cake stalls, raffles, and other such stuff to raise money too! If you have any fund raising idea's or would like to volunteer to help out it would be MUCH appreciated! We need help with flyering and postering too especially in the out of town area's and colleges and schools. Please email us if you can help out: dividersuk [at]

So far the following bands are playing:

RVIVR are an awesome fun Pop Punk from Olympia USA, featuring Matt Canino of Latterman and Shorebirds fame. They are great, and should have copies of their new record (released on Yo Yo Records of Germany) with them too! First of hopefully many times in the uk, Not to be missed!

Gruff Pop Punk from Falmouth, fresh off their Euro tour with The Arteries.

Brilliant "Party-mo" from Manchester, ex members of Hail Brethren.

Spanking new Cardiff Post Hardcore Supergroup featuring ex members of Raging Speedhorn, Panel, Shaped By Fate, The Slowdance...

& 2 more bands TBC

Our good friend Carly Davies is soon to be making an awesome poster for this too, so keep checking back!

Here are the event pages which are scattered around the web. Please feel free to invite anyone you feel would be interested in this at all:

Hopefully you can make it, it should be a super fun day!

Date: 10th October, 2010
Doors Open: 4pm, Show should be finished by about 10pmish for those show have school or work in the morning!
Entry Fee: 4 quid (for 6 bands!)

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