Monday, October 25, 2010

DOWNLOADS: The Riot Before - So Long, The Lighthouse EP

Seeing as this band are playing Swansea soon, I figure now would be a good time to post about this EP and how fucking great it is. It was "released" (on Quote Unquote Records) back in 07, and their sound has definitely come along a lot since then. Regardless, I think this EP is still a great representation and introduction of the band if you haven't heard them already, and you should download it right away and sing along at the show (providing they play songs from this EP, which I very much hope they do!) Anyway, enough banter. The Riot Before are a punk rock band hailing from Richmond, Virginia. They kind of started out in a similar way to Against Me (who the Riot Before are often compared to) in sense of it was originally an acoustic project set up by front man Brett. Eventually he was approached by Fall of the West Records to put out a record, and although he'd recorded the demo's acoustic, Brett had no intention of The Riot Before being an acoustic project no longer, and recruited members to join the band before recording their debut album "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades" in 2006. Recorded a year on from that, this EP is a great follow-up to that record. They have since released a few more records inculding a split with Broadway calls, and have recently released "Rebellion" via Paper and Plastic. To say their sound has progressed since this EP would be an understatement, but still, this is the only Free "Legal" download on the web, so fuck it. If you like Against Me prior to their mainstream outputs, and The Replacements, download the fuck out of this. If you like it, be sure to buy their latest records or donate to the label of which this EP was released by CLICKING HERE! Or check them out at Sigma in November (with Ssssnakes and Caves) and buy a shirt or something!

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