Monday, November 1, 2010

DOWNLOADS: The Max Levine Ensemble - OK Smartypants

So The Max Levine Ensemble played in Mozarts a few weeks ago. I didn't attend because I couldn't find anywhere to crash (or rather, I was too afraid to ask someone if I could sleep over their house over fears of seeming "cheeky"), and never have I been more gutted to miss a show. Hell, I think the only other Swansea show I've missed in recent months was The Computers show (I was more gutted about missing Men than The Computers, but whatever), but who's competing? The Max Levine Ensemble are a great pop punk band from Washington, DC and feature the legend that is Spoonboy taking the lead. Not only do they play the type of Quirky and Unique Pop Punk that my heart desires, but they have also gained a shit tonne of respect for releasing a dis/response EP (which you can also download for free from Quote Unquote Records) aimed at Ben Weasil, after he called them "the worst band ever" on his radio show... yeah, fuck that guy. Despite what Weasil says, they aren't the worst band ever, just download "Ok Smartypants" and you'll see that for yourself!

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