Monday, November 15, 2010

DOWNLOADS: Fierce Brosnan - Basement Demo EP

So what do you get when you cross members from bands such as Yo Man Go and Static Radio? Answer: A band that sounds like a cross between Yo Man Go and Static Radio. Simples. That's probably a lazy description of the band, but it's exactly what I expected, it's and exactly what I got from this release, and I like it! The production is a little bit shitty, but hey, I would rather have shitty recordings than a lack in the sing-along department, and that's what this EP has a plenty (especially in "This Is Our Home", which is a personal favourite of mine). Technical in parts (but thankfully not over the top Strung Out-esque technical) and anthemic non-stop, this EP is just what you need if you thought Yo Man Go ended too soon. Just honest and heart felt Pop Punk. Fucking Ace.

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