Monday, January 10, 2011

SHOWS: Iron Chic, Dave House, Bangers, Dividers

Incase you didn't know because you're not a forum pro like I, Iron Chic are playing Swansea on May 11th. We're Co-"promoting" it with Swansea Collective at a Venue TBC, but it's likely to be at the skatepark which is due to open in April. If not, it's probably highly likely it'll be in Mozarts or something. It should be a killer show, Iron Chic released possibly my favourite record of 2010, so I'm totally excited that 1. they're playing Swansea 2. I'm part of putting on the show and 3. My band are playing. Here's what Trev had to say on the matter, because I can't be fucked to write up band bios myself...

Iron Chic
"Iron Chic are a decent band from Long Island New York" I think the new record cropped up in pretty much everyones Top 10 of 2010, this is their first time over to the UK, and it's gonna be fucking killer! Ex members of Latterman and Get Bent!

Dave House
Ex and current member of Clingfilm, Pacer, The Steal, Lucky Thirteen & The Final Five. One of the best dudes ever! Rare solo show after years of me bugging him!

NEW ALBUM should be out in time for this, three of the best guys you've ever met, it's been too long since they've played Swansea!

Some people say they lack originality, I say GET BENT!

Poster coming soon!

Tickets will be 4 or 5 pounds and they'll be available from Exist Skateboards, Swansea and the SWFU shop once we get them printed!:

The door price will be MORE, so don't be a sucker!

Tickets will also be available from us!

Speaking of Dividers, you can now hear a song from the forthcoming split with Ten Speed Bicycle via our blog

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