Friday, April 22, 2011

DOWNLOADS: Pipedream - Demo 2011

A few months ago, there were hardly any decent new bands coming out of South Wales, and all the old decent ones were splitting up, and to be honest, I feared for the state of punk in South Wales. Then came Pipedream.

Pipedream are a new band from Cardiff, consisting of my longtime friend Josh BT (of Question The Mark... you all know him, right?). They play pop punk in the vein of bands like Title Fight and bands like that, combined with the sounds of 90's emo and little bit of Jawbreaker thrown in for good measure, which definitely separates them from other bands doing the same thing at the moment. To date, I believe they have only played one show, but hopefully now this demo is "out there" they'll be playing a whole bunch more!

Also, we're pretty excited to be releasing this Demo in tape format hopefully pretty soon. More news on that, when we know it, but for now, download, and enjoy!


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