Saturday, May 7, 2011

SHOWS: Iron Chic - Venue Change!

Unfortunately due to circumstances totally out of our control, we’ve had to move this from the Skatepark to Monkey, we’re as bummed as you are that we don’t get to have a sweet gig in the park and we’ll be playing ‘I wanna go skateboarding’ by Ssssnakes on repeat in between bands, but we just can’t do it.

However, the good new is:

1. We were 12 tickets off selling out before, Monkey is way bigger and you’ll be able to pay on the night now. It’ll be £6 on the door, but there are still £5 tickets available from Diverse Records in Newport, Exist Skateboards in Swansea, Derricks in Swansea, Gav or Zach Dividers, or the SWFU Online shop, if you wanna save yourself a quid:

2. It was looking incredibly likely that the Skatepark would’ve been a dry venue. That’s right, NO BOOZE! So I’m sure lots of you will be happy to know that you’re more than welcome to get hammered at Monkey. Mine’s a Hoegaarden.*

We’ll be putting posters up at the Skatepark directing people to Monkey, but if you could report the event and let people know of the venue change that’d be awesome.

See you wednesday!


New venue address:
Monkey Cafe
13-14 Castle Street
01792 480 822

It’s a little closer to the train station than the Skatepark and easy to get to from town. If you have any worries or any questions drop me a quick email and I’ll do my best to get back to you real quick -

*This was all written by Trev, mines a double vodka and lemonade. Peace out! x

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